Enjoy some of the best whitetail deer hunting in Northwestern Ontario. Deer can be hunted several ways in our area. From tree stands, we do have several permanent stands and we suggest you bring portable stands. There are areas where stalking can provide excellent opportunities to take a large buck. A drive type hunt can also be arranged.

The Minaki area of Northwestern Ontario is on the northern edge of the deer range. The deer in this area are very large-bodied and fast-growing. Bucks that score in the 140’s are fairly common. The opportunity to take a much larger buck depends a lot on the skill of the hunter and luck.There is very little deer hunting pressure in this area. The local hunters are more concerned with meat than horns, and many of them tell us where they have passed up large bucks.A buck that field-dresses at 200 lbs. is considered small.

Our area gets very little publicity, which means our clients do not have to compete for these large animals.

We limit ourselves to 4 to 6 guided hunters per week. Bucks only.  Season runs for 5 weeks ending November 15th.

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