Tony England and his 21 1/2″ smallmouth bass
This was the largest smallmouth bass caught in the Trophy Waters area in 2015, which won Tony a free trip to Roger Lake in 2016.

Bruce Beyersdorf and his 22″ smallmouth bass. This was thelargest smallmouth bass caught in the Trophy Waters area in 2012,which won Bruce a free trip to Roger Lake in 2013.

Total privacy is the real attraction at Roger Lake. You’re on the uninhabited Sturgeon River, which abounds with trophy pike and walleye.

At Roger Lake, you are masters of you own private Big North Outposts wilderness domain.

You can fish when you want and eat when you want. And if you decide to stay up late, you don’t have to worry that the neighbors will complain about the laughter.

Tony England’s“Triple Hook-Up” of 5 lb bass on one cast

Roger Lake features some of the finest small mouth bass fishing found in Northwestern Ontario. In addition to smallies, Roger Lake also hosts tremendous Walleye and Northern Pike. The lake is approximately 8 miles long and measures depths up to 65 feet. Unique in its shape, it lends itself to productive fishing in all wind conditions as it is a well protected body of water allowing the fishermen to fish any time, in any conditions. As a part of the famous English River system, Roger Lake is healthy in that it is not land locked, instead producing a steady flow of exchanging water thus producing excellent spawning conditions. A number of rapids are available for fast action fishing as well as a spectacular 40’ water fall fishermen and photographers alike will want to experience. Hidden bays, exposed reefs, weedy bays, sandy and rock rubble shorelines as well as the rapids all offer a variety of fishing conditions for anglers. Click Here to see more Roger Lake Fishing Pictures

Accommodations for anglers are truly deluxe. Roger Lake has two 3-bedroom cabins which are 700 feet apart, each with their own dock. We will take a minimum of two people in each cabin. Our two cabins at Roger Lake will accommodate up to 12 people, in comfortable, clean quarters with large dining rooms for those festive group dinners. There’s a large barbeque, indoor shower, hot and cold running water, and a wide, sunny deck overlooking the lake. We supply you with six boats, equipped with reliable 15 h.p. motors. All the equipment you’ll need is included in the package price. You only need to bring fishing rods, tackle, bedding, and groceries.Click Here to see more Roger Lake Cabin Pictures


In Roger Lake, we are strongly encouraging the adoption of Catch and Release fishing. This means that you can eat smaller walleye while staying there, but not take your limit home. Release all trophy fish after taking photos and measurements if you decide to have a replica made. This policy will ensure that the quality of fishing remains high and consistent for future generations of fishermen. However, if you do decided to take some fish home, our policy is that you can only take Walleye and must limit them to those fish under 18 inches.

Roger Lake Outpost: LAT. 50.480  LONG. –94.367